Yandanooka is located approximately 35 km to the east of Eneabba, and 140km by road or rail from the port of Geraldton, situated on exploration tenement E70/3813.  The deposit is interpreted as a broad-dunal style heavy mineral accumulation, with heavy mineral concentrations appearing to have been deposited preferentially against one of more basement barriers developed parallel to the Urella fault and its extensions.  The deposit is similar to that of Sheffield’s Durack deposit.

On 01 October 2018 Yandanooka Mineral Resource was revised to be compliant with JORC 2012 Reporting Code.  Yandanooka (at a 1.4% HM cut-off) has a Mineral Resource of 60.8Mt @ 3.0% HM, with a measured component of 2.6Mt @ 4.3% HM, an indicated component of 57.7Mt @ 3.0% HM, and an inferred component of 0.4Mt @ 1.5% HM.

Contained valuable heavy mineral (VHM) at Yandanooka totals 1,639kt composed of 1,283kt of ilmenite, 224kt of zircon, 65kt of rutile and 66kt of leucoxene.  Measured 98kt of contained VHM comprises 81kt of ilmenite, 12kt of zircon, 2kt of rutile and 3kt of leucoxene.  Indicated 1,535kt of contained VHM comprises of 1,197kt of ilmenite, 212kt of zircon, 63kt of rutile and 63kt of leucoxene, and an inferred 6kt of contained VHM comprises of 4kt of ilmenite, 1kt of zircon, 0.2kt of rutile and 0.3kt of leucoxene.

The strike length at Yandanooka is 6,000m with across strike width of 2,000m and average thickness of 7m.  Mineralisation is from surface to a depth of 24m (see Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Statement, ASX release 03 October 2018).

In 2012 an eight tonne sample was produced for Process Flow Diagram development by Robbins Metallurgical.  Results indicate that the HM is amenable to typical mineral sands processing methodologies using standard mineral sands separation equipment. Results of initial metallurgical test work have demonstrated potentially saleable products, including high-quality zircon, and high-titanium ilmenite suitable for the chloride pigment process (see ASX release 30 January 2013).

Photograph: Drilling at the Yandanooka Deposit
Drilling at the Yandanooka Deposit


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