Robbs Cross

Robbs Cross was discovered by Sheffield in 2015 (see ASX release 23 July 2015).  It is situated about 5km to the northeast of Drummond Crossing proximal to the Brand Highway.  The Eneabba-Dongara-Geraldton rail line is adjacent to the nearby Brand highway and the Mingenew-Geraldton rail line, linking access to the ports of Geraldton, Fremantle and Kwinana. Robbs Cross is located near existing mineral sands operations surrounding Eneabba.  The project is situated on tenement E04/4292 upon free-hold pastoral land. 

Robbs Cross was initially identified by surface sampling detecting a 2.5km x 1km anomaly between 0.7% and 2.0% HM on the eastern flank of a low hill.  This anomaly was drilled in 2015 and 2017 enabling a dunal JORC 2012 compliant Resource to be announced on 30 January 2018 (see Sheffield's Quarterly Activities Report for the Period ended 31 December 2017).

At a 1.4% cut-off Robbs Cross Mineral Resource consists of 17.8Mt @ 1.9% HM, with an indicated component of 14.0Mt @ 1.9%HM and an inferred component of 3.8Mt @ 2.0% HM. 

Contained valuable heavy mineral (VHM) at Robbs Cross totals 269kt composed of 162kt of ilmenite, 50kt of zircon, 41kt of rutile and 16kt of leucoxene.   This includes an indicated 208kt of contained VHM comprising of 123kt of ilmenite, 38kt of zircon, 33kt of rutile and 13kt of leucoxene, and an inferred 61kt of contained VHM comprising of 39kt of ilmenite, 11kt of zircon, 8kt of rutile and 3kt of leucoxene.

The strike length at Robbs Cross is 1,800m with an across strike width of 1,500m and average thickness of 9m.  Mineralisation is from surface to a depth of 30m (Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Statement, ASX release 03 October 2018).

Photograph: Eneabba Project air core drilling at Robbs Cross
Eneabba Project air core drilling at Robbs Cross

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