Ellengail is located 3km along strike to the north of West Mine North.

The deposit has an Inferred Resource (at 0.9% HM Cut-off) of 46.45 million tonnes @ 2.2% HM, for 1.04 million tonnes of contained HM. This includes an Inferred Resource for the high grade core of 11.25 million tonnes @ 5.0% HM for 560,000 million tonnes HM. The deposit has a high value mineral assemblage of 8.9% zircon, 8.7% rutile, 63.5% ilmenite and 1.9% leucoxene (see ASX release dated 25 October 2011).

The deposit is 2.5km long x 200-350m wide and between 10-15m thick (locally up to 20m thick). Near surface lower grade dunal mineralisation covers the strand mineralisation in the northern half of the deposit.


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